Fall 2018 Connect Group questions

0.      Why is it important not to be double minded?
0.      FF BOSWORTH said faith begins ?________________(where the will of God is known)
0.      Why are Gods people destroyed? (Lack of knowledge)
0.      Mark 4 tells us that Gods Word is __________ (seed)
0.      How does faith for healing comes? Rm 10:38
0.      Discuss Mark 4:14-20, the types of ground and how it affects the seed.Week 2
0.      What are some religious traditions? (1 Healing has passed away) (2 God heals some but not others)etc.
0.      What was Paul’s thorn according to the Bible? (A messenger from Satan)
0.      What were some of the ways that the messenger from Satan attacked Paul? (Caused crowds to rise up against him. Stoned him almost killing him. Etc
0.      In Mark Chapter 4 Satans number one job is to________the Word.
0.      What was Gods answer to PAUL when he prayed? (My Grace Is Sufficient)
0.      God wanted PAUL to do what? (Learn to use the authority that he has given)
Week 3
0. Name the 3 parts of man? (Spirit, soul, body)
0. What part is the real you? (spirit)
0. Name the 5 senses? (Sight,hearing,touch,smell, taste)
0. What part of man is born again? (The spirit)
0. Gods Word is Seed. What is the progression of that seed on a man? 1 planted in you spirit 2 changes the belief system 3 effects the body

0. Read Proverbs 4:20-23 nlt and discuss

Week 4
0. Where did sickness begin?
0. Have you or have you heard other people blame God?
0. What kind of shepherd does the Bible call Jesus? (A good shepherd)
0. Name 3 areas that the curse of the law included? (Poverty,sickness,spiritual death)
0. Name some of the diseases listed in Deut. 28 that we are redeemed from.
0. Read and discuss Acts 10:38.Lesson 5
Lesson 5
0. Read Psalms 145:8-9 and discuss 
0. In Heb 4:14 What is Jesus to us?
0. Does God delight in us?
0. Discuss the healing ministry of Jesus and how it was connected to Is 53:4-5
0. 1 John 3:8 Jesus came to do what?
0. Discuss Isaiah 55:8-11

Week 6
0. Faith for healing begins when?
0. How does faith come?
0. Read and discuss Romans 4:17-21
0. Have your group share what they’ve learned these 6 weeks.