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Chip Brim – Oct 27-29, 2019

October 27 - October 29

Chip Brim will be with us for 3 days!

Sunday Oct 27th  9:30AM, 11:30AM and 6:30 PM
Monday Oct 28th  @ 7PM
Tuesday Oct 29th @ 7PM

About Chip Brim

When God called me into the ministry 20 years ago, I was coaching baseball. We had just won our 10th championship, and I had dedicated every win to give God Glory. But He asked me a question. “Are you seeking Me?” Of course, I gave God a list of all the things I was doing to “seek” Him, like going to church, reading my Bible at night, being a good dad and husband. He asked me again, “are you seeking Me?” After going to my wife and getting her list of all the ways we were “seeking” God, He asked me again. “Are you seeking Me?” Evidently not.

What does seek mean? Boiled down to one word, seek means to crave. Are you craving God? Did you know, God craves you? It was out of the realization that our spirits crave God, and He craves us, Champions 4 Christ was born. The Lord told me that just like I had trained champion baseball players, He wanted me to train a champion Church. A Church that craves God, His Glory, His presence, and His souls. This, my friends, is the PRIZE!

I began seeking God with my life. Setting aside a time every day just to be with Him. It was hard to discipline my flesh at first, but the more time I spent with God, the more I craved that time with Him. The phone rang one day about five weeks after I had made this commitment with God. It was my principal asking to meet with me at the time I had given God. I couldn’t believe my mouth when I told the principal I would have to find a new job if he didn’t change the time of that meeting. What?! I had began to crave that time with God, and no thing in the world could come between me and Him.

One of my favorite quotes is from Coach Herb Brooks, the coach of the US Olympic hockey team that beat Russia in the 1980 olympic games. The US team was the modern-day David to Russia’s Goliath. In his locker room speech He said, “Great moments are born from great opportunities.” When I hung up the phone with my principal, I realized I had just had a great moment. THAT was the moment that was born from great opportunity. That was the moment God said, “Now, you’re seeking Me.”

Champions 4 Christ is all about training champions to grab ahold of those opportunities for life-changing moments with God. He called us to train the Church to become the Glorious Church Jesus is coming back for! It’s all for the Glory of God and for souls!


October 27
October 29




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