Ghosts Spirits Angels Demons and God

See the full series of lessons now online. About the Series Christianity is more than a set of disciplines and rules. It is a deeply spiritual and personal experience with God the father. The bible mentions many things that are unseen – beings found in the Spirit Realm. Over the next few weeks we are going to... Read More

Backpack Giveaway 2016

Hi.  The registration is now closed.  We have all 300 registrations filled.  You can still come this Sunday to get on a waiting list and enjoy the BBQ and free haircuts.  

Weekly Confessions

Words have power. They can hurt and they can bless. But the power of words reaches much further than the impact they make on our emotions. Our words have supernatural power—power that changes circumstances and shapes destinies – “I Am” Confessions I AM… A child of God. (Romans 8:16) Redeemed from the hand of the... Read More

Center – Making Jesus the Center of Your Family

Our new series, CENTER, will begin on Sunday, May 1.  Come and hear how you can make Jesus the center of your family.  What would it look like if Jesus was the center of your home? In Matthew 9, a man named Jairus had a young daughter who was dying.  Nothing they did helped her.... Read More


 Connect Group Questions Fall 2017 Lesson One: 1: According to Psalms 2:8, what can we ask God to do? 2: Sharing the Gospel should come out of the _________ of our gratitude and thankfulness for what Jesus has done for us. 3: Discus the story of the woman at the well. Jesus The woman etc 4:... Read More