Volunteer Event SWOT

EVENT FEEDBACK FORM: Thank you for taking the time to do this evaluation and reassessment of our LAST EVENT. We will be doing a SWOT evaluation (instructions below). When filling this out please focus on feedback pertaining to the area you served in. Please fill in this form


We are giving away 300 backpacks filled with school supplies. Want to register for your children?  CLICK HERE. There will be a fun presentation for children and adults. Free hair cuts and BBQ lunch!  


Backpack Supply List – Please bring by Thursday and let us know you picked it up asap by texting 508-942-2000 Glue (need 312 need altogether) (have 161) 5 Pencils (need 1560 need altogether) (have 1055) Box Markers (need 312 altogether) (have 132) Pencil Box or Bag (need 312 altogether) (have 235) Paper Plates (need 2000)... Read More