Ghosts Spirits Angels Demons and God




Each week we will be looking at a different beings,  found in the spirit realm and mentioned in the bible. We will try to remove the myth and the mystical and focus on God’s truth. One thing is sure.  It is very interesting. Watch the video alone or with a group and then take some time to go over the group discussion questions below the videos.


Each week starts with 2 songs of worship and then the lesson


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 Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, Demons and God Group Discussion Questions

Week 1 – Go around asking different people the same question.

  1. America loves ghosts, ghost stories, and ghost movies.  Why do you think that is?
  2. Who likes to watch horror or ghost movies?  Why?
  3. Has anyone in the group experienced a ghost or knows someone who did?
  4. According to the bible.  What is a Ghost?  Explain
  5. What does the bible say about Haunted Houses or places?  Why is that?
  6. According to the bible, what happens to a person’s spirit when they die?
    (the rich man and lazarus)  Luke 16:19-20  
  7. According to the Bible, you are going to live forever (your spirit). Where will you spend your eternity?
    (ask each person)
    if anyone is not sure. Move on and invite everyone to pray the salvation prayer at the end

Week 2 – Go around asking different people the same question.

  1. Has anyone ever used a Ouija Board?  What happened?
  2. Has anyone been part of a seance or another ritual to contact ghosts or spirits?  What happened?
  3. Why do you think we have a desire to contact the dead?
  4. Read Deut 18:9-14
    Why do you think God is so strong about forbidding these practices?
  5. We used an example about an “adult preditor in a chat room” This can also be used for spiritual application.
    Can anyone explain what that would be?
  6. What kind of spirits are you contacting when you are using the practices listed in Deut 18?
  7. How can a familiar spirit know so many things?
      (They have been around since the beginning of time)

Week 3 – Go around asking different people the same question.

  1. Quick Fact – The bible mentions Angels over ________ (how many times)?
    Answer:  270
  2. Quick Fact – the bible says there are how many Angels?
    Answer:   Rev 5:11  thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand.
  3. Quick Fact – Name the main messenger Angel in the Bible
    Answer:  Gabriel
  4. Quick Fact – Name the main Warrior Angel in the Bible
    Answer:  Michael
  5. Does anyone know someone who has seen an Angel?
  6. What are angels of destruction?  What is their job in the bible?
    What bible stories do you know that have angels of destruction?
  7. What is a Guardian Angel?   What are some of the things they do?
  8. Has anyone ever had a close encounter with trouble and you know that your guardian angel helped you out?  Please take time to share some stories
  9. Go around the room asking
    Do you think you keep your guardian angel busy?  Why or why not.

Week 4 – Go around asking different people the same question.

  1. What is Free Will?
    Answre (The ability to make decisions on your own)
  2. Do angels have free will? Why do you say that?
  3. What was the name of the angel who rebelled against God?
    Answer (Lucifer)
    How many angels went with him in the rebellion
    Answer (One third of the angels in Heaven)
  4. What did Lucifer want to do in the rebellion?
    1. Answer (Rule Heaven. Set his throne above the most high – IS 14:13)
  5. Has anyone here ever been taught to pray to an Angel? What was the prayer for?
  6. Who in the Book of Revelation bowed down to worship and Angel?
    Answer (the Apostle John)
  7. What did the Angel say to John?
    Answer (do not do that. I am your fellow servant. Worship God)
  8. What religion was started by an Angelic Revelation?
    Answer (Mormonism – the Angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith)
  1. What about the angelic visit to Joseph Smith was not correct?
    Answer (the Angel presented ANOTHER GOSPEL – Golden plates that contained another revelation of Jesus Christ)
  2. What does the bible say about ANOTHER GOSPEL?
    Answer (GAL 1:8 – “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!”)

Week 5 – Go around asking different people the same question.

  1. Quick Fact– How many Angels followed Satan in the Rebellion against God?
    Answer:  1/3 of the angels in heaven
  2. Quick Fact– Where was Satan and his angels cast to when expelled from Heaven in the great war.
    Answer:  the Earth
  3. What does it mean that Satan and demons are already judged.
    Answer: There is no chance of forgiveness or redemption for them.
  4. Satan and demons are filled with wrath.
    Why?  (their time before judgement is short)
    b.  How do they show their rage? (bringing God’s creation to hell)
  5. Quick Fact– The bible says that the Devil and Demons are ALWAYS ____________ (what)?
    Answer:  Liars (they cannot tell the truth)
  1. What is the risk you take when you contact spirits through Ouija boards or Mediums?
    Answer: You are speaking to a lying demon who desires to possess your body.
  2. Explain how sin is like leaving the door open to the devil?
    Eph 4:27 “Neither give place to the devil”
  3. If you find yourself in Sin and the devil has started to cause the blessing of God to leave your life. What should you do?

Answer:  Confess, repent, and tell the devil to leave in Jesus Name.

  1. Has anyone here been in a backslidden state?
    What was it like?
    How did you come back to God?
    How has it been since you came back to God?

Week 6 – Go around asking different people the same question.

  1. Quick Fact – The New Age Religion communicates with spirits.  What kind of Spirits?
    Answer:  Demons
  2. Quick Fact – What do the demons that contact people in the New Age Religion want?
      Answer:  To possess the person contacting the demon
  3. Quick Fact – In the video we saw, a woman spoke out with a _____________ voice?
    Answer:  Man’s
    What was that speaking?
    Answer:  A demon
  4. How do people act under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
    Answer:  Uninhibited.  Let their guard down (or will)
  5. Do you think people are more apt to do things suggested to thier minds when under the influence of drugs?  Why?
  6. What are some hard drugs that make you loose all control?
    Answer:  Psychedelics  (LSD etc)
  7. What is the spiritual risk when taking drugs?
    Answer:  Opening yourself up to demon spirits
  8. Quick Fact:  What is the name that every demon fears?
    Answer:  the name of Jesus!
  9. In Mark 16 Jesus says we can do what _______________  with demons?
    Answer:  Cast them out
  10. Has anyone been in a situation where you had to cast out a demon?
    When and how?

Week 7 – Go around asking different people the same question.

  1. What is a spirit being?
    Explain how God is a spirit.
  2. Why is the spirit realm more REAL than the Physical Realm we live in?
    Answer: Spirit is eternal and Physical is temporary (has an end).
  1. How do we contact God?
    Answer: With our Spirit. Heart to Heart.
  2. What is the best way to pray to God? Why is this important?
    Answer: From your heart. Be real. No pretense. Use your own words.
  1. What does God Look Like?
         What does it mean “we are created in His image”
    Answer: We are spirit, like God. We have a head, arms, legs like God
  2. How many times is God referred to as Father in the Bible
    Answer: 170 times
  3. Why is it insulting to refer to God as a Female or Goddess?
    Answer: The pagans worship Goddesses and multiple Gods. It puts God on the Pagan level.
  4. What does it mean there is no Marriage in Heaven?
    Answer: We will be like the Angels. Spirits. No need of reproducing offspring. No male nor female like we know it here in a biological sense.
  5. Discuss. What do you think is will be like in Heaven?

Week 8 – Go around asking different people the same question.

1. God Desires _______ (fill in the blank)

  Answer:  You.  Desires to spend time with you.

2. How do we spend time with God?

  Answer:  In Prayer

3.  Does anyone here have a daily prayer time?

  What time do you pray?

  Where is your prayer place?

4. According to the lesson, God is ________  (fill in the blank)

  Answer: Holy

5 God makes sure we can live a holy life too.  How?

  Answer: by the Holy Spirit who lives inside us

6. Has anyone ever been doing something wrong and the Holy Spirit in you convicts you of sin?

   What were you doing?  How did you respond to the Holy Spirit?

7. From the lesson, God has a _________ (fill in the blank)

  Answer:  Personality

8.  What does it mean God has a personality?

  Answer:  He is not some robot in the sky, he has a personality

9.  How do we know God’s personality?

  Answer: In Exodus 34 and Galatians 5 it give us a visualization of his personality

10. What are some aspects the bible declares about God’s personality?

Answer:  God is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. 

11.  Did anyone ever think God was the opposite of these traits?  What was your perception and why?