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Meeting Template for Leaders

  1. Pray
  2. Thank and recognize your volunteers
  3. Review your departments purpose. We are here to… (If you don’t know your purpose you can ask Pastor Mike)
  4. Quick Calendar Review (services for the next 1-2 weeks.  Who is on?  Who will not be here?
  5. Big Question (from meeting)
    1. Don’t over talk.  State or clarify question.
    2. Don’t try to answer question. Ask your team their thoughts.
    3. Go around and give each team member a chance to weigh in
    4. Write down the ideas.  Good and bad.
    5. Summarize the thoughts given.  Pull the ideas together as an action plan.
    6. Ask team members to take responsibility (the one who brought the idea)
      1. “I think we should serve lemonade” – (can you make that happen each week?)
    7. Cover any department information or training that you want to include at end.
    8. If nothing else.  Close meeting.